CHEMISTRY AND INNOVATION COSMETICS MANUFACTURING L.L.C – UAE ChemiEgypt Industrial Facility – Cairo ChemiEgypt Integrated Industries – Free Zone Ain El Sokhna This family business was founded by Mrs. Nariman Mahmoud in 1992, is a pioneering Licensed European Standards manufacturer and supplier for raw materials, detergents, disinfectants, cosmetics, and perfumes. With over a quarter of a century of success, Mrs. Dalia Bedair & Mrs. Yasmine Bedair, second-generation management have positioned C&I group as a leading international manufacturer of raw materials and supplier to a long list of international factories and companies in Egypt and now the third generation is also becoming a part of this establishment. Our superior research and development department has allowed us to develop a huge variety of Fast Moving Consumer Goods ranging from cosmetics, personal hygiene products as well as household products. C&I group also serves the Business to business sector with a focus on the hospitality industry with Green Clean Technologies. All our products and services are manufactured and handled in an environmentally friendly and eco conscious manner. We use natural organic ingredients and always refrain from using harsh chemicals that could have any adverse effect on us or our environment.

Brands Lines

Our Goals

Maintaining the leadership in Egypt in the field of chemical material supply & develop a strong base of key customers
Chemistry & innovation is our key enabling science in developing our products. our mission is to support our chemistry-using industries driving innovation and value across them. This includes our different sectors, chemistry dependent sectors such as home and personal care, cosmetics, disinfectants, sanitizers, kids care, detergents, hygiene solutions for developments and home, pet care, and other sectors, as well as sectors which require substantial chemistry input, including electricity, steel, dairy, oil, gas, fertilizers materials and others. our research activity, with a focus on material science, is characterized by high interdisciplinarity, and a highly stimulating research environment, as we consider chemistry, innovation, research & development as our goal & mission.      

Increase the assets & investments of the company to support the development of services for our esteemed customers

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