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G.C. MAX A concentrated formula that cleans stuck-on foods more efficiently and leaves dishes sparkling clean Dishwashing soap specifically designed for Green clean Technologies dispensers. Ideal for use on chinaware & silverware Directions for use : Measure the recommended amount of automatic dishwashing detergent, following the instructions on the container. Place the dish detergent into the dispenser


A chlorine disinfectant used to disinfect dishwashers It is used to disinfect all areas of the kitchen, especially meat and fish cutting areas, to prevent odors It is added to all kitchen drainage units to prevent the emission of unpleasant odors Directions for use: Pour G.C extra in the dishwasher drawer Select the washing programmer recommended by the manufacturer Close container tightly after use


G.C. CGR a highly concentrated formula that dissolves carbonated grease and fats from pots, pans and Stainles steel Directions for use: Dilute G.C. CGR in boiling water Soak your Stainles steel for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.


G.C MAX DRY  kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs on your dishes. Dryer liquid specifically designed for Green clean Technologies dispensers. 100% better drying Directions for use: Apply G.C MAX DRY in the final rinse cycle of 90°C. Dry them after leaving the machine for 30 to 60 seconds.


Acidic cleaner that dissolves salts, scales and rust It is used to remove deposits of calcium and magnesium salts from all disinfection surfaces Maintains the efficiency of the heating units It is used in the acidic detergent cycle of dishwashers Directions for use: Apply G.C OXIDAT on the surface to be cleaned Let sit for 20 seconds Rinse thoroughly with water


Alkaline-based detergent specially formulated to remove grime and burnt residue from plates, ovens, grills and filters. Dissolves grease and stubborn stains in a matter of seconds.

G.C Oven

G.C Oven Cleaner an alkaline based detergent specially formulated to remove tough grease, grime and other baked on messes from ovens & grills.

Directions for use:
Spray the G.C Oven Cleaner on the
surface to be cleaned
Let sit for 3 to 5 minutes
To get rid of stubborn stains turn up the heat to 60 °C

Firm Partners

G.C De Blocker

G.C De Blocker Cuts through standing water to dissolve tough clogs, prevent new ones from forming, and remove unpleasant odors.
Cleans and clears drains while keeping them hygienic
Destroys the toughest clogs by dissolving hair and soap scum
Works in standing water
Eliminates odors
Safe for all pipes


G.C. Stainless Steel polish

G.C. Stainless Steel polish Brilliantly polishes your stainless steel surfaces to offer a 100% streak-free shine
Effectively cleans without damaging your surfaces or leaving any residue.
Restores your stainless steel surfaces to their beautiful shine.

Directions for use:
Spray G.C Stainless Steel Polish directly on the surface
Buff to shine with a dry cloth


70% Alcohol Multi-Purpose
disinfectant for hard surfaces.
Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria.
With the COVID-19 outbreak making cleaning a priority for many businesses, finding an
adequate cleaning product has become increasingly difficult. Chemi Egypt has launched the Alco Surf 70% Multi-Surface
Cleaner to help
support that demand.

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