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G.C Electronics an antibacterial fast drying contact cleaner, Cleans oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. Ideal for use on computers, monitors, and remote controls. Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria.


Metal polish and protection G.C Metal polish specifically designed to restore the brilliant shine to any metal surface. G.C Metal polish is formulated with specialty cleaners to remove contamination and imperfections while restoring gloss, clarity and deoxidizing metal surfaces. Ideal for use on copper, brass, bronze and silver. Provides anti-rust protection. 

G.C Floor Polish Remover

G.C Floor Polish Remover specially formulated for disinfecting and cleaning polished stone including marble and granite, whilst adding a degree of protection. Eliminating dirt and old wax layers off marble before adding a new wax layer. Suitable for all types of spray extraction machines.

Alco Gel 70%

Alco Gel 70% hand sanitizer gel Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria without water Contains moisturizers Effective against bacteria, enveloped viruses, influenza viruses and fungi Directions for use: Place the recommended amount in the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together, until your skin is dry.

G.C Again Plus

G.CAgain Plus an antibacterial liquid cleaner and disinfectant for hard surfaces with a unique formula and long lasting fragrance. Eliminates unwanted odors in bathrooms. Kills 99.9% Germs and Bacteria.

G.C Marble Wax

G.C Marble Wax specially formulated for polishing marble and granite, can also be used for cleaning polished floors, or stairs. Helps keep your stones polished and protected from spotting, streaking and staining! G.C Marble Wax Cleans, Nourishes and Protects your floor, Leaving an irresistible shine.


Ethanol or isopropanol in concentrations of 70% – 95%
are good general-use disinfectants.
Their killing microbes drops sharply when
diluted below 50% concentration.
They are most effective against lipophilic viruses,
less effective against non-lipid viruses,
and ineffective against bacterial
spores. alcohol-based hand sanitizers,
if rubbed thoroughly over finger
and hand surfaces for a period of 30 seconds,
followed by complete air-drying, can effectively
reduce populations of bacteria,
fungi, and some enveloped viruses.

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G.C EPOXY POLISH is a liquid floor polish especially for sornaga and epoxy.
G.C EPOXY POLISH gives high gloss and provides a protective film to the floor and makes cleaning easier.
Evens out the appearance of the floor  Directions for use:
Wash surface well before use
Pour G.C EPOXY POLISH directly on the surface
Spread the product out using a sponge in one direction
Then G.C EPOXY POLISH is left to dry

G.C Glass Cleaner

G.C Glass Cleaner specially formulated to clean and polish glass, remove dirt, grime, fingerprints and other messes. Its unique formula dries in no time and ensures a clean, shiny, surface.
leaves behind a protective coating that resists fingerprints and smears.
Ideal for use on glass, windows, display cases, sneeze guards, plexiglass and other hard surfaces, the cleaner adds a sparkling shine that lasts.

Directions of use:
Use a rag to wipe the dust off the glass
Spray the product on a lint free cleaning cloth and wipe the glass.
turn cloth over and buff to shine.


70% Alcohol Multi-Purpose
disinfectant for hard surfaces.
Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria.
With the COVID-19 outbreak making cleaning a priority for many businesses, finding an
adequate cleaning product has become increasingly difficult. Chemi Egypt has launched the Alco Surf 70% Multi-Surface
Cleaner to help
support that demand.

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